If Faith is the substance of things that are unseen, then Truth is the substance of things that are seen.

Sunshine – symbolizes the light of Truth. Public Domain Image – source –

Truth is the light that shines to reveal all there is to know about the  present, the past and natural laws.  There is no secret or privacy in Truth, because it hides nothing and reveals everything.  Truth is a central component of healing and health, and this is why some degree of individual privacy must be sacrificed in patient / doctor relationships.

Truth is impartial to good or evil and equally shines on both revealing their true essence.   In this way, the visibility provided by Truth can set us free from bondage to disease caused by our blindness to cause and effect.

Righteousness is the characteristic of acting in accordance with Truth such as to bring about the maximum goodness and health.  Truth preserves individual freedom, providing knowledge of cause and effect without imposing a choice.   Righteousness, on the other hand, affects our choices of how we invest our time, and allows us to choose actions that lead to greater health.

The yellow sunflower rays are symbolic of Truth and Righteousness in the Virtue Color Model. Photography credits go to Lauren Andrews and Prestor Anthony Saillant.
Truth and Righteousness are depicted in the Virtue Color Model by the color yellow, the color most often associated with rays of light from the sun. The yellow rays of the sunflower are also symbolic of this virtue pair.  Interestingly young sunflower heads track the sun through heliotropism.  This act of tracking the sun can be seen as representative of the fundamental search for truth and health.

Prevention of disease is the natural outcome of the partnership between Truth and Righteousness.  Truth lights the way and Righteousness leads the way.  For example,  through the application of quantified-self methodologies we may discover that certain foods such dairy, meats, fried foods, or foods high in fat cause flare ups of acne.  This is a truth that can be observed in many individuals.  Now through the application of righteousness in this regard we can limit the intake of these foods to a level that our bodies can smoothly handle thus preventing further outbreaks of acne.

Knowledge,  understanding, logic and freedom from disease are all manifestations of Truth which can be obtained through various avenues such as science, religion and philosophy.  However, the search for truth with respect to ones health should not be left only to professional health care workers.  We believe that each individual should take on the Quantified-Self challenge to take charge of their health rather than simply accepting their fate as a health system statistic.

Truth has another powerful benefit in that it can reveal hidden underlying threats to our health.  Even though many threats to our health result from ignorance of cause and effect, there are also threats to our health that result as described in Ephesians 6:12

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. “

That is, there are powerful forces at work that purposefully create conditions that lead to oppression and disease for the sake of profit and power.  Truth can shine a light on these forces freeing us from this form of bondage.  Ultimately, Truth will win the battle because error is not sustainable.  This is currently the situation we find ourselves in with respect to the U.S. Health Care System and its focus on sick-care instead of health-care .

In order to fix a problem we must first be able to see it clearly, and to accept that we have a problem in the first place.  Thus Truth is important not only as a the first step in a health policy that emphasizes prevention but also in a health strategy that can provide true healing.  This leads us directly to the next virtue of Justice .


Take Charge of Your Health!