The blue planet.
The Earth from space appears as a blue planet. Public domain image courtesy of NASA.

The virtue of Security is represented by the color blue, which is the color of the planet Earth and also the color of the sky. The planet Earth has several characteristics that make it safe for life making the color blue a good selection for representing security. For example, the atmosphere provides a blanket that protects us from cosmic rays, x-rays and gamma rays that would otherwise trash our genes and destroy our cells.

The Earths magnetosphere. Public domain image courtesy of NASA.

The Earth’s magnetosphere depicted to the right in the image above protects us from plasma emanating from the sun on the left. This illustrates how the earth shields its precious cargo of life from the onslaught of lethal forces that surround it. Plasma from the sun known as the solar wind would cause radiation sickness, mutations, cancer and death if not for the presence of the magnetosphere.

The earth’s atmosphere also acts like a blanket keeping the earth warm by trapping heat. Without it the earth would freeze almost instantly.

Psalms 36 Verse 7 describes the virtue of Security as follows:

 How excellent is thy lovingkindness, O God! therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of thy wings.

The virtue of Security is associated with lovingkindness, trust, strength and hope, where “strength” and “hope” are symbolized by the phrase, “the shadow of his wings”.   It is these 4 characteristics that give this virtue special prominence.

The virtue of Security is one of the most difficult to comprehend given a universe that is filled with extremes of danger and suffering that only appear to increase over time.   The image above exemplifies this, vividly demonstrating that the entire planet Earth sits in a very precarious situation.  How then can we claim the virtue of Security?  How can we claim this virtue in a world where 6-year-old children are gunned down in their classrooms or where children are killed by bombs in the middle of the night while they sleep?

We are forced to accept that the innocent often suffer the most cruel deaths on this earth.  Jesus Christ himself was tortured and crucified in spite of his innocence.  However, this virtue stands firmly as a healing force that we need to pursue.  Mathew 10:28 states:

And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

By the verse above we are not called to be cowardly, fearing bodily harm, but rather we are called to serve God and to prepare for attacks on our minds, bodies and spirits by taking up the full armor of God (see Ephesians 6:10-18).

The existence of the virtue of Security indicates that we must learn to have peace in the midst of enemies that seek to destroy us.   And that we must prepare for these attacks through constant training so as not to be taken by surprise.

Security of the Mind

We must carefully guard our senses with respect to images and thoughts that we dwell on.  We must fill our minds with the virtues of health.   Remember that the mind works on many levels simultaneously many of which are subconscious.  This is important with respect to graphic displays of violence even when they are of a historical nature.   We must be careful with the naive feeding of subconscious desires by justifying the re-living of evil acts through movies.    Hollywood has a strong hold and effect on the mental health of many individuals in our society and is a force that needs to be battled with.

There are many ways to use technology to strengthen our minds.  One example is the program named Luminosity that can be used to train memory and improve reaction time.   We also believe that mobile apps to help people memorize bible texts would be helpful in this regard.

Security of the Body

Security of the body has two domains, external and internal.

Internally we can improve the security of our bodies by caring for our skin and keeping it intact.  The skin is the bodies fortress, keeping out bacterial invaders that would cause infection and death.  However, it is not  impermeable. We should also be very careful with the chemicals that we place on our bodies since many substances are absorbed from the skin into the body. Internal security also requires strengthening the immune system through daily exercise and movement, and through proper nutrition and supplementation.

Proper care of the intestinal microbiota is also important.  This means that (in consultation with our doctors) we should avoid excessive use of antibiotics since they place the natural good microbiota at risk.   We should also eat plenty of high-fiber foods, such as organic old-fashioned oatmeal for breakfast, that help to regulate the intestinal environment.

Externally we can improve the security of our bodies through development of physical fitness and making sure our dwellings meet safety codes, and trying to keep our environment safe from toxic chemicals.  We need to develop technology that allows the individual to scan their environment quickly to determine levels of chemical, electromagnetic and sonic exposure, and to allow detection of proper oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, etc.

There is also the need for financial security which often demands strength in the form of a strong work ethic.

With respect to protection from physical aggression, each individual should study this carefully and prayerfully to determine if they are prepared for possible negative scenarios, and if not, take measures to improve their preparedness, as individuals and as a community.  There are many ways that mobile technology can be used in this regard.  For example, one app that I use is the “Find Me Safety” app from Echo Messaging systems.  This app allows me to start a timer when entering an environment that I consider risky.  If for some reason I am not able to stop the timer within 20 minutes, my GPS coordinates get sent from a remote server to my contacts.

Security of the Spirit

Security of the spirit is very important for healing.  One must have spiritual peace that comes from being connected to eternal virtues and to an eternal plan.  We believe that this requires a connection with God and the hope of eternal life that transcends the mortal body.  Connecting with a community of believers is important in this regard.  Once again, mobile technology can be used to keep the communities of believers connected and interacting in ways that help them conquer spiritual challenges that they may face everyday.

Security, lovingkindness, trust, strength and hope carry powerful healing energy that can also provide a boost in our current approach to caregiving.  This is especially important when dealing with patients that have dementia.  It is one thing to be safe, and another to feel  safe.  Mobile technology can be used to provide telepresence of loved ones in situations where patients must be cared for in an institutional setting.

We believe that security and health will be taken to a new level in the coming health revolution.



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