Vision of Health

The future of health care is in prevention.  In the future, the role of the Health Coach / Health Detective will become as important as the role of doctors today.  The Health Coach will be your partner not only in preventing illness and disease, but also in building up your health reserve and immunity.  Self-evolution will become the primary health care goal.

The current reactive health care system narrowly focuses on early detection and cures, resulting in unnecessary suffering and extreme costs to society.   The future of health care requires an expansive holistic view that prioritizes health.  One of our mottos is “Health is Wealth.”

Our premise is that in as much as we can obtain health in its many dimensions, we can also attain a measure of heaven on earth.  Thus another of our mottos is:

On earth, as it is in health

This motto is contained in our name “OnTierraHealth”  where ‘Tierra’ is the Spanish translation of earth.

Our Model of Health

In our over-developed environments retaining health has become an elusive complex goal, and therefore a comprehensive model of health is required.

We draw upon science, religion and philosophy in the formulation of  a health model that will stand the test of time.  We refer to this as the Virtue Color Model (VCM) of health.

Our model is built upon a foundation of 7 facets of health that can each be characterized by a color of the rainbow:

  1. Compassion           Red                                    ############
  2. Faith                           Orange                            ############  
  3. Truth                          Yellow                              ############
  4. Justice                       Green                              ############
  5. Security                    Blue                                  ############
  6. Abundance             Indigo /Purple            ############
  7. Joy                                Violet / Pink               ############

Just as the 7 colors emerge from white light when refracted through a prism, the 7 facets of health, when properly balanced, create the foundational pillars of healthy living .  With this perspective one finds that health is not a noun but rather a verb that describes the highly orchestrated dance of life.  Health is by this definition a dynamic concept that grows and evolves.

Because the 7 facets of health can also be viewed as virtues, we have tentatively named it the  Virtue Color Model (VCM) of health. This model is designed for both religious and non-religious people.  Our hypothesis is that if we carefully apply principles related to each of these facets of health, we can greatly increase the health of individuals and of the biosphere as a whole.  (See how the virtues get their colors. )

White light refracted by a prism. Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Working with the VCM

Each of the 7 facets of health bolster the individual’s mind, body and spirit as she/he seeks to improve their own health , the health of others, and the health of the ecosystem.   The ‘spirit’ is the aspect that directly connects all of us, giving us hope for a better future.   As you can see, the spirit includes our social dimension of being and relationships.

The above structure creates a 21 dimensional matrix (7 facets of health  x 3 aspects of being ) that can be targeted for optimum health.  An example of how this matrix relates to your health is shown below:

Spirit Body Mind
Compassion for all Life / Mindfulness / Grace / Mercy / Sacrifice / Suffering Spontaneous Healing / Pain / Body Language / Communication  Listening to the Body and Weaker Senses / Self-Esteem / Esteem for Others / Gratitude / Empathy / Avoiding Cognitive Distortions
Faith – Molds the Future Reality / Probabilities / Coincidences / Extending Trust / Perseverance Placebo Affect / Obedience Visualization / Dreams / Prayer / Will power /  Optimism / Patience / Self-Efficacy / Clarifying Expectations / Stimulus Control Strategies / SMART Goals
Truth – The Present and Only Reality /  Laws / Righteousness / Active Listening Health / Disease / Structure / Function / Dimensionality / Degrees of Freedom / Yoga Knowledge / Integrity / Understanding / Logic / Freedom / Confronting Reality / Discomfirmatory Models
Justice – Correction  / Conflict Resolution / Past Harmonization / Keeping Commitments / Positive Reinforcement Physical Therapy / Exercise / Traditional and Alternative Treatments  Judgement / Forgiveness / Mental and Memory Exercise / History and Reminiscence Therapy / Practicing Accountability / Rewards
Security – Strength / Loving-kindness / Trust / Hope / Peace / Enforcement / Rapport Safe Environment / Sleep and Rest / Physical Fitness / Endurance / Power / Stability / Agility Peace of Mind / Self-Confidence / Courage / Temperance / Work Ethic / Perseverence / Partnership
Abundance – Space / Time  / Matter / Energy  Breathing / Hydration / Nutrients / Flexibility / Connectivity/Growth Generosity / Nobility /  Relationships / Management Skills / Productivity / Innovation
Joy – Harmony / Orchestration / Ecstasy / Contentment / Bliss / Intimacy Physical Beauty / Graceful Movement / Dance / Sports / Healing Touch / Sensuality Arts / Music / Poetry / Culture / Creativity / Laughter / Emotions / Friendship

OnTierraHealth Technology’s MISSION is undertaken in pursuit of the vision outlined above.   For starters, we believe that there is no simple recipe for increasing health, but rather, health must be orchestrated among many competing factors.  In particular, evidence-based knowledge and strategies related to physical fitness, nutrition and behavior modification must be scientifically applied for optimum health.

Because of the underlying complexity of health we believe that the mobile / wearable health technology revolution, if properly used, can transform how Americans “do” health, and can play a pivotal role in helping individuals to track and improve their own health matrices.

Just as the future trend in medicine is towards “Personalized Medicine”, the future trend in health is towards self-directed proactive “Quantified Self” methodologies, that allow the user to monitor and track, biometric, lifestyle and environmental factors and interventions affecting individual health.

OnTierraHealth Technology is committed to being  your partner as you  “Take Charge of Your Health” in this coming health revolution!


Take Charge of Your Health!