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Economies of Abundance

One of the Seven Virtues of the OnTierraHealth VISION  is Abundance.  One might ask, “How is Abundance a virtue?”

First let me explain that our philosophy is based on the idea that virtues are eternal entities, whereas material things are imperfect instantiations of these eternal entities.  This idea is not new and dates back at least to Plato’s Theory of Forms.   The point is that Abundance exists as an attribute of the spiritual realm (where by spiritual we mean that which is not directly observable), and that the spiritual realm, is the foundation of the visible realm.  That is, the visible realm of material things is like a small tip of a huge submerged iceberg.

So lets start here: in its spiritual form a person may have Abundance even though they lack the material instantiation of Abundance.  This spiritual Abundance is ultimately the granddaddy of material abundance, but exceeds material Abundance in value because of its eternal qualities.   The amazing fact is that this spiritual Abundance is freely available to everyone, and thus as human beings we are all intended to live continuously immersed in spiritual Abundance.

Do you feel rich today!   I am convinced that regardless of outward appearance every person is rich and here is why.   Planet Earth is a physical instantiation of spiritual Abundance and we get to live on Planet Earth.  There may be many problems on Earth, many of which are of our own making.  But for the Earth as whole, scarcity of resources is not one of the problems.   Here are some examples of Abundance:

  1. Number of cells in the human body – approximately 37 trillion according to Eva Bianconi, et al.
    Each of these cells is ALIVE, so you can never really say you are alone if there are 37 trillion lives working together to create you.  Remember to think of yourself in plural form.  Remember that that you are like an emperor in a kingdom with 37 trillion subjects.
  2.  Miles of arteries, veins and capillaries  in your body –    about 100,000 km.   Remember there is more to you than meets the eye.
  3. Solar Energy is abundant and freely available to everyone, and it is freely converted into food by photosynthesis.
  4. Air to breathe is plentiful and freely abundant to everyone.
  5. 71% of the earths surface is covered with water.
  6. As you drive about notice any cracks in the pavement.  Most of the time you will notice that life has found the cracks and something is growing there.  Life is abundant everywhere and the resources for life are abundant everywhere.

So then if we are surrounded by Abundance, why the apparent scarcity in human economies.  Why do we mostly struggle to survive and pay our bills.   One answer – economies of scarcity are engineered by humans such that the few can better control the many and their foundation is greed.

But never mind that now.   Just feel the Abundance because it cannot be taken away from you and is a vital part of your proactive health strategy.   From Abundance springs Peace, Optimism and Courage – attributes that are also critical for optimum health.