God’s Proximity and Health

The ultimate goal of man is eternal life and perhaps with that comes eternal health.   I am convinced that we have defined God out of existence in many cases by accepting definitions that are out of our realm of direct experience.   The verse above reminds us that God is always ready to “come into us” and dine with us.  With every “in breath” we can open the door and let him in and dine with him.  Then with every “out breath” we can transform the new life and energy delivered directly from the source of all movement into health and healing for our bodies and our world.  Notice that this matches the recommended breathing pattern for most exercise.  That is, we breath in while preparing for exertion and then breath out as we perform the exertion.

In another verse (John 15:5) we are reminded that we are always directly connected to God like branches on a vine.  God is the Prime Mover and the Prime Energizer.  Feel God’s movements in your life as energy by liberating your body in the present moment.  Move, stretch, let God lead you in the dance.  Do not let your body stagnate.   God / Energy  permeates all space and time.  It permeates our bodies and  minds.  Energy powers our lives just as it powers our cars.  This does not imply that God is mundane, but rather that the seemingly mundane also relies on the divine for its present moment.  Everything that is created remains connected to the creator, for everything exists in God and through God.

The illusion of separateness must be conquered in order to progress to the next level of health.   Thich Nhat Hanh refers to this as inter-being (we inter-are).  We inter-are with each other and we inter-are with God.

We face many challenges in the struggle towards the next level of human advancement, and it will not happen without awareness of God’s proximity.  How has God’s proximity affected your life?  In my case it has allowed me to trust in God to pursue transformation of my own life and priorities.  It has also allowed me to “be” in gratitude and to feel the urgency of being in this moment.

What do you feel about the role of God in health?  Notice that I am asking about God not religion.  Would love to hear your take on this.  How does God present himself / herself to you?

2 thoughts on “God’s Proximity and Health”

  1. I feel that God is the ultimate healer. He designed our bodies to be able to heal themselves if we 1. Allow him to dwell in us, 2. Treat our bodies as a temple. I know that I’ve failed at both of these things and physically see the results of it. God presents himself to me in many ways. Wether through worship in song, liturgical praise dance or a still small voice in prayer. He also uses other people to teach me valuable life lessons that I need to be a better me.

  2. Onetia,

    Thank you for the feedback! I am amazed at how God is using you to minister at Lincoln Church through the children’s choir! I felt God’s energy this past Saturday through you and the children at the Memorial Service for Stella Amoah. As you mentioned in your comment, God takes many angles to improve health, with worship, song and acceptance in a loving group being paramount. Amazing!!!

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