MemZy: Your Life Memory


OnTierraHealth Technology has posted a new free app named MemZy to the Google Play Store.  If you have an Android device, please test it out and provide your feedback through the following link:

OnTierraHealth Technology Contact Page

MemZy helps you improve your memory in a way that is personally relevant to you by using photographs that you have taken, presented in the form of date quizzes!

It’s simple to use. Launch the app and it randomly selects a photo / image from your device and displays it with a choice of 3, 6 or 9 dates (user selectable setting that defaults to 3). Select the date and time that you believe goes with the photo on display. If you select correctly you will see “MemZy!” flash on the bottom of the screen. Otherwise, you see “OOPs Try Again!”

The quiz will contain 10 questions (if you have at least 10 photos available on your device) chosen from up to 1000 of your most recent photos. At the end of the quiz you will receive a score based on the number of correct and incorrect choices.

It’s a very simple but useful game if you want to improve your recollection of dates. Take pictures every day so that you can use them with MemZy to develop your own historical memory.

*Feature Graphic Pet Scan derived from public domain photo taken by Jens Maus.

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