Motion Commotion and Laughter

Playground fun at any age! Photograph by Jordi Payà from Barcelona, Catalonia via Wikimedia Commons

Movement may be one of our greatest allies in the quest for health and healing.  We all know that we should exercise to stay healthy, but beyond that there is growing evidence that intermittent movement is essential for health as well.  That is, exercise after long periods of inactivity may not reverse the effect of inactivity.  For example, Dr. Mercola recommends that ” a reasonable goal is to get up four times every hour or every 15 minutes while you are sitting.”

In particular, the combination of movement with play, fun and laughter may pack a huge healthy punch.  Research supports that laughter may have the following benefits:

  • improves your immune system and protects your heart
  • boost your energy
  • diminish pain
  • protect you from the damaging effects of stress.
  • helps increase happiness and intimacy

This means that we really need to rethink our work environments so that we can incorporate motion, play and laughter throughout the day as part of our daily lives, if we really want to achieve optimum health.

Stephen Jepson of “Never Leave the Play Ground” may be onto something, with his revolutionary  system for keeping his body healthy and fit as he ages.  He promotes the idea that we can stay healthier longer keeping our minds more youthful by reintroducing activity in the form of physically challenging games into our daily lives.  His technique includes games that improve balance and coordination, and it is clear that they also include a good dose of laughter.    Looks like it is time for us baby boomers to start creating more play grounds for adult sized bodies!

With regards to laughter, you may now be able to find laughter clubs, laughter yoga, or laughter therapy in your own neighborhood or one nearby.  For example, searching for “laughter yoga Providence” on google returns links to the Providence Laughter Club and The Center of Joy.

The future is pointing towards models of proactive health that tap into the hidden resources within our bodies and spirits that we can access to promote renewed vitality and youthfulness.

So when can we have our next play date?


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