Health and Hidden Complexity

20150429_113236After a long winter, Spring comes upon us like a form of resurrection!  If we slow down for a moment to experience the marvel of renewed life-force around us it will provide a wellspring of healing energy that is hidden but available to all of us.

20150429_113437In nature, that which seems simple is never as simple as it seems. Simplicity is a wonderful illusion but complexity is the underlying fortress upon which all is expressed. The sequence of photographs show Maple buds blooming in my front yard this morning.

20150429_113943In the 17 years that I have owned this tree I never stopped to watch it blooming.  I had no clue that this intricate orchestration was taking place every spring.

Now, when we are healthy, we take it all for granted and have not  a clue as to the marvelous orchestration required to keep our bodies ticking and disease-free.    Just like the buds of my Maple tree, our bodies orchestrate health in a microscopic symphony, even if nobody is watching or listening.

20150429_113731However, when we fail to watch and listen, we end up trampling upon the very buds of health that could strengthen us and perhaps set us free from the illnesses, and symptoms facing us.


20150429_160032Just like the simple looking Maple bud that contains a bouquet of tiny flowers, our bodies are chock-full of hidden marvels, that can surprise us when the time and conditions are right.  We can play an even more powerful role in fostering the proper time and conditions for health by developing strategies for behavior modification.

One resource that has helped me is a new book by Anne Marie Ludovici, MS, titled “Change Your Mind, Change Your Health”.  This book discusses 7 strategies for behavior modification intended to improve your health.  In chapter one of the book she introduces the reader to the Trans-Theoretical Model (TTM) of behavior change developed by Dr. James O. Prochaska and Dr. Carlo C. DiClemente.

20150429_161003I applied TTM to my Onychophagia (nail-biting) beginning on March 8, and also used the mySymptoms app to track symptoms / behaviors.  I began with an occurrence of up to 16 incidents related to Onychophagia in a single day (3/9/15) and now I am happy to report that I am down to zero incidences for today.   As you can see from the picture above after 53 years (my age), I finally have nails!

One of the most powerful insights I gained from TTM is that behavior modification has 6 stages:

  1. Pre-contemplation – no intention to change behavior
  2. Contemplation – intention to change in the future but not now
  3. Preparation – preparing to begin change this month
  4. Action –  behavior modification in progress within last 6 months
  5. Maintenance – sustaining the change for more than 6 months.
  6. Termination – sustaining the change for 5 years or more

This gives everyone a solid way to gauge their progress and to begin the journey even if you are not yet ready to change.  The book is full of ideas for building momentum in each stage so anyone can get started with updating their behaviors for improved health.

Believe it! The power of transformation is hidden within you! Take charge of your health by searching for and implementing new strategies and you may just be amazed !   And please feel free to share your strategies in the comments below.

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