Salud! Cheers!

New Year's Toast
New Year’s Toast By demi via Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain)

Every new year brings with it the hopes and heartaches of the previous year.  It is with great anticipation, enthusiasm and passion for something better, that the yearly resolution is birthed. The promise to self-improve upon ones life. Such areas often include health, weight loss, budgeting, and getting out of debt, to name a few common resolutions.

However, often by mid February the urge to continue with such impetus may wane.  Often times many lose focus, heart, and everything but the kitchen sink, to continue on the path of self-improvement.  It is often felt as, “being stuck in quicksand.” The very thing that was hoped, may be looked upon as a curse or waste of time that is “dragging you down.”  So what changed? Why the reverse thought process?

Many times, I believe, one becomes the enemy that is ready to destroy the very attempt to improve. “Fail to plan, plan to fail.” By this I mean, that our attitudes play a vital role, in determining whether one fails or succeeds. The power of a positive, balanced and healthy attitude can help to fuel progress and steady the focus to continue improving successfully.  Having a plan in place by setting realistic goals and garnering support from loving family and friends who will cheer you on, and encourage you. This attitude along with realistic goals is what motivates to continue resolutions despite obstacles.  For no doubt obstacles will abound. That is a guarantee with any resolution. However, it is how one responds to counter them that will ensure steady progress.

Setting attainable goals is one way to achieve your resolutions.  Signing up for a new class at the Y can help to keep you accountable.   Cheers!

In a recent Entrepreneur Magazine blog post, 4 TED talks were highlighted to help motivate you in keeping your new year’s resolutions.   These talks provide insightful strategies, such as Emily Balcetis’ research on the power of “keeping your eyes on the prize”, David Steindl -Rast’s “stop, look and go” strategy to being grateful and mindful in the moment and Carol Dweck’s research on the power of living in the “not yet”.

In response to this I say: “Salud!” which is the Spanish way of saying “Cheers!”, when one is toasting amongst family and friends, amid the clanking and clinking of the wine glasses.  In Spanish, “Salud” also means: “good health.”  This is my wish for you, both now and throughout 2015.

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