Oh I Can’t Sit Down!

Ernestine Shepherd, a 77-year-old female body builder,  was featured in the May 2014 issue of Prevention Magazine and her short 8 minute video is still available right here.   This short video speaks for itself, so we do not have to add much.   But I’ll warn you; you may want to stand up while watching this video.

This is the stuff legends are made of.  Her motto is “Age is nothing but a number, and you can get fit.”  She wakes up each morning at 2:30 AM and has her daily devotions.  Then she scrambles 10 egg whites, drinks 16 oz of water and eats a handful of walnuts.  As she prepares for her morning run she sings her version of her favorite song (from Porgy and Bess):

Oh I can’t sit down, gotta keep a rollin’ like the rollin’ of a song.

Oh I can’t sit down, gotta keep a rollin’ like the rollin’ of a song.

Today I am happy and free, nothing in the world is troubling me, Oh I’m on my way!

The three D’s that inspire her are, “determined, dedicated, disciplined, to be fit.”   But just as important is the sense of joy and compassion that attracts scores of students to her daily fitness classes.

In a society where we have succumbed to the worship of youth, and where the elderly are marginalized, it is refreshing to hear the gospel of health preached by those who know it best, those whose lives and quality of life have been extended by living what they preach.

Introduce your loved elderly parents and grandparents to Ernestine today!  It may just inspire them to take on that next big challenge.

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