Negativity’s Bad Wrap – A Breath of Fresh Air

Public domain image from NOAA Time Lapse Photography
Lightning creates negatively ionized air. Public domain image from NOAA Time Lapse Photography By C. Clark 1978

Being overly negative is usually a bad thing, unless of course you are an electron, in which case you may as well get used to it.  However,  in the case of electrons, negativity is one of the  marvelous properties of matter that enables consciousness filled life to emerge from biochemistry.

But what does all this “negativity” talk have to do with breathing?

The study of free negatively charged particles began in 1913, the year in which J.J Thompson published his results measuring the properties of ions created in a cathode ray tube.    Since then hundreds  of studies on negative and positive ions have been performed.  Many of these studies support the notion that negatively charged air may be good for your health.

The purported health benefits include:

  1. Removing allergens and particles from the air
  2. Reducing the effects of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)
  3. Reducing the spread of infections
  4. Improving mental function.

In particular, recent studies show that ionized air can help protect patients from hospital strains of bacteria.  As shown in the image below from the USDA.

Sterilization effects of negative air ionization Public Domain by Ken Hammond  - USDA
Sterilization effects of negative air ionization Public Domain by Ken Hammond – USDA

Both petri dishes were sprayed with Salmonella, then the dish to the right was treated with negatively ionized air.   Note that the Salmonella in that dish is gone.

Dr. Randy Bivens, president of the Life & Health Network posted an eye-opening video on the importance of negatively charged air for health that is a “must see”.

After the SARS pandemic in 2003, personal air ionizers have become very popular in the Far East.   Studies have shown that sleep can also be improved with negatively ionized air.  Since improving sleep is one of the key areas of interest for OnTierraHealth Technology you can bet that we will be keeping you posted on mobile / wearable technology for monitoring and improving your personal air quality in future posts.

Getting our breathing to its 100% vitality level during wakefulness and sleep will be an important part of the coming health revolution.  For starters, make sure to consider the recommendations in Dr. Bivens video and discuss them with your health care team.

I have found over the years that keeping the air circulating in my bedroom at night and in my office during the day is a great way of preventing headaches caused by stagnant air.  A small personal fan such as the Vornado flippi, may help improve air quality by better circulation of the available negative ions in the air.

In the future we will post additional research on available air ionizers and fans.

So what are you waiting for?  Get moving and find yourself some healthy negativity to breath in today.

2 thoughts on “Negativity’s Bad Wrap – A Breath of Fresh Air”

  1. Wow… Once again this reveals how healing power can be found in abundance in the simple things that God has provided for mankind through nature! I will definitely take a nice long walk after the next thunderstorm!

  2. I agree whole heartedly! We have come to rely upon doctors too much and they appear to be helpless in the face of the chronic diseases that are now causing so much suffering, like Parkinson’s, Alzheimers, diabetes,heartdisease and stroke. It is high time that we take in a more complete picture of health so that we can have a hope of retaining and improving our health.

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