Faith – a Vision of Unseen Health


Faith is our way of peeking into the future and molding it.

Faith is a virtue that is often tested by fire (i.e.  the color orange) and it forms the second pillar in the foundation of your health.  Orange is also the color of the Fall season.  In the Fall the abundance of nature begins to die out as the winter draws closer and  because of our faith in the seasonal cycles we buckle down for the winter and begin to prepare for the next Spring.

Faith is all about a vision of the future, and is not directly limited by the hard and painful realities of the present.  It is believing that a future can be created that may seem impossible at present.  It is the hope, the dream, the  vision  of  healing.   It is the proud oak tree hidden in a small buried acorn, or a  prince in a jail cell, or a person constrained by a crippled body.

Faith stares out at us from the eyes of every newborn child, what a beautiful virtue.   It’s fullness comes from the understanding that the future is not limited to one reality, but instead is a superposition of many parallel worlds, of which only one must be selected when reaching the present moment.  Faith selects and clings to a future in which virtues are fully manifested.

Because faith is anchored in the future it can not become outdated or disproven. It is an attractive force that draws the present into its mold.  Therefore faith can be equated with a spiritual form of energy.   Faith may also play a role in the generation of simultaneity of events, where the probability of coincidence is extremely low.

Through faith in the power of healing we can grasp that a cure for every illness already exists (though it may remain hidden for a time),  and thus hope is always warranted.  Through faith in the power of healing we can garner the energy to work tirelessly to find our own cures and to support others searching for cures.

Faith is often directly involved in healing as has been demonstrated scientifically through the existence of the placebo effect.  And better still, faith can be developed and strengthened like a muscle.   This is where we see a vital role for technology in the future of healing.

In fact, every voluntary movement of our bodies is a manifestation of faith, in the sense that we do not perceive the connection between our desire to move and the orchestration of the actual movement.   This faith element in movement is especially tested in cases of injury that lead to paralysis.  In these cases the force of willpower is critical to healing.

Technology can be used,  to track the results of will power on health, and to track the development of will power.   Just as with weight lifting, one can start with simple tasks such as determining to add certain healthy foods to one’s diet, and then progress to harder tasks, such as adding daily workouts, and increasing our awareness of our bodies.   For example, a nail biter can use a monitor to help increase awareness of automatic hand movements and thus end nail-biting, a habit that causes many illnesses.

Virtual Reality Technology is currently being used to help with visualization for the purposes of healing patients with PTSD. The essence of the treatment is that if the patient can visualize themselves as being cured, they will actually be cured.  There are many similar health related applications of new virtual reality devices such as Oculus Rift.

At OnTierraHealth Technology we believe that technology will play an important role in the development of faith-based cures in the future.   However, we must also keep in mind that faith will always transcend current technology.

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”  Heb.  11.1 KJV.



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