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Welcome to OnTierraHealth Technology, your gateway to proactive health resources and to health technology products and apps that can empower you to Take Charge of Your Health!  OnTierraHealth Technology is powered by the “On Earth as it is in Health” vision.  In this paradigm the road to optimum health begins with mindfulness and the realization that we are “human beings” as opposed to “human doings”.

Imagine a world in which health is viewed as wealth!

Where advanced mobile technologies are used to keep individuals healthy rather than “helping” us once we are debilitated by chronic illnesses .   This is the future of proactive health care that we must work together to make a reality.

It is now clear that up to 80% of chronic diseases such as type II diabetes, heart disease and stroke are preventable through behavior, lifestyle and environmental modification.  For example, in August of 2016, Sharp Again Naturally posted the following YouTube video on reversing dementia:

The OntierraHealth Technology website is dedicated to gathering information  on proactive health from all around the world to assist individuals in taking charge of their health.

In 2015 we released a very simple (free) mental fitness app named MemZy. It is a free app for Android devices available on the Google Play Store through this link.

MemZy Feature Graphic Derived from PET image by Jens Maus (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

 Your memories are priceless because they are life itself, and keeping your memory as sharp as possible improves your quality of life.    Have you ever watched a video or looked at a  picture of yourself from years ago and could not remember the instance portrayed?  Chances are that if you had interacted with the pictures or videos sooner your long-term memory would have been engaged.

Play MemZy once a day and see the detailed memory of your life history improve before your eyes.  It is a simple app with many possibilities for future additional versions as users embrace the app.  See the Play Store link for additional user instructions.

Where We Are Headed

This website is dedicated to supporting our MISSION and VISION for a healthier human population anticipating a healthier aging experience.   We will feature apps and products that we develop, as well as links to currently available health and fitness products, health technology news and trends.  We also include links to educational material related to health and health technology.

In 2017 we explored the relationship between mindfulness of the present moment and health.  We were looking forward to the release of the documentary “Walk With Me” on the life of Thich Nhat Hanh last year, but unfortunately the movie is not widely available.

We were excited in 2016 about the potential for a revolution in proactive health based upon a new appreciation of human movement and its many degrees of freedom.  We launched 2016 with a blog post entitled, “Set Your Body Free in 2016” that galvanizes this coming transformation in health.

Developments in mobile fitness technology geared towards helping individuals combat the now obvious problems in our current health care system  (or more aptly “disease-care” system) will be featured on this website.   There is still a long road ahead before the products fulfill their full promise, and it appears that the greatest use of technology will depend upon whether it is used to foster real face-to-face interaction between users.  The potential is clear and it is a great time to get started!

We will also be exploring the role of machine learning and artificial intelligence in health promotion and health maintenance.

Health and Fitness Hardware and Apps

Activity Monitors can help you get motivated to increase your level of daily movement.   Movement is life, and it is inherent in the definition of energy.  The more we move the better our immune systems function.

Our bodies are designed for continuous movement and our modern lifestyles take a huge toll on our health due to stagnation of bodily fluids as we spend hours sitting at home and at work.

If you have a smartphone it may already come with an activity monitor or you may be able to download one from your app store.  One advantage of this approach is that you can continue to monitor your steps even while in airplane mode.  This means you can limit your exposure to microwave radiation during your workouts by placing your phone in airplane mode if you so choose.   However, the disadvantage is that you have to carry your smartphone around all day which may be a little cumbersome.

The other option is to purchase an activity monitor. There are many brands to choose from.  A Bluetooth Smart fitness activity monitor such as Fitbit will let you monitor your activity levels using a smartphone app.  However, we found that the Bluetooth transmitter on the Fitbit Flex remains active even when the device is not actively syncing to a host PC or smartphone.  Because there is no “airplane mode” on this device the user is exposed to low-level microwave energy 24/7.  We opted to return this device for a refund due to this design characteristic.

Smart watches have many health and fitness applications.  Like the Fitbit they can be used to monitor activity and sleep quality, but also provide many additional features and available apps.   We prefer this option because it gives the user the ability to turn the Bluetooth transmitter  “on” or “off” while still tracking steps and activity.    There are also many apps available, including a water intake tracking apps that provide useful reminders.

Because there are many options and features in smart watches and activity monitors, each user will need to evaluate what is most important to them.  However, we particularly like devices that inform the user when  RF transmissions from the device are active and allow the user to turn off the transmitter.  This applies equally to WiFi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Smart, or cellular.

Challenge yourself by including a technology boost to enhance your daily movement profile.

PCMAG Activity Monitor Review

Top Ten Reviews

Jim Roose’s Best Fitness Tracker Review

Jim Roose is a former competitive power lifter and gym owner that also promotes home gyms and garage gyms.  Check out his link above for indepth information on trackers.

Work Out Apps and Personal Trainer Apps can be a good way to keep you moving towards your goal of improving your health margins.  But a word of caution is required since any exercise has the potential to hurt you.  Discuss any changes in your fitness routines with your health care team.  We recommend receiving guidance from certified trainers to verify proper form and to prevent injuries.  Another important note is that work out apps should not substitute for training with a certified fitness trainer, because an important element in training is variation, and group interaction.   Listen carefully to your body, and if anything hurts while exercising let your certified trainer know and seek advice.   Preventing injuries during exercise is an important goal that requires careful planning.

For runners, bikers and walkers we also recommend an app like S Health available on Samsung Android phones like the galaxy S4 and S5.  This app uses GPS to track your run and allows the tracking of time, distance and elevation while in airplane mode.  We recommend using airplane mode when possible to limit exposure to microwave radiation from the phones while using the fitness apps.

Apps like the Samsung S Health work well because you no longer need to rely on a treadmill for quantifying your pace in minutes /mile.  This lets you take more of your workouts outside where the air quality is usually better than indoors.

Health Detective apps are useful for helping individuals to improve their health through tracking of symptoms and relating them to diet, lifestyle and environment.  We tested the mySymptoms app from SkyGazerLabs in 2014 and have posted a review on our blog HERE.   Apps like this  are a good starting point but we found the data entry to be to cumbersome in the long run.   Natural language data entry is essential for future versions of this type of app.

We will continue adding links and reviews as we grow our website.

Quantified Self Movement

This movement is defined nicely by Wikipedia as follows:

“The Quantified Self[3] is a movement to incorporate technology into data acquisition on aspects of a person’s daily life in terms of inputs (e.g. food consumed, quality of surrounding air), states (e.g. mood, arousal, blood oxygen levels), and performance (mental and physical). Such self-monitoring and self-sensing, which combines wearable sensors (EEG, ECG, video, etc.) and wearable computing, is also known as lifelogging. “

The links below connect to video presentations related to Quantified self and Wearable Technology.

The link below is to a TED talk by Gonzalo Tudela, CEO of Vandrico, Inc in Nov. 2014.  Includes projections for wearable technology and discusses the Gartner Hype Cycle for activity monitors.

Vandrico Inc. maintains a database of wearable technology that is available to the public.

Directly below is a presentation by Kevin Krejci who is using self tracking methods to help combat the symptoms of Parkinson’s.

Additional links:

Quantified Self Conference in Amsterdam 2013

Quantified Self Main Website

The website below links to the Quantified self guide that currently has information on 505 tools.

 Guide to Self -Tracking tools

Inspirational Self – Trackers

Talithia Williams gave an inspirational talk describing the importance of “Owning your body’s data” in February 2014.  By Tracking her temperature on a regular basis empowered her to take charge of her pregnancy.  This talk demonstrates the future of personalized health care as individuals become the experts on their own health.

Inspirational Fitness Leaders

Ernestine Shepherd, a 77-year-old female body builder,  was featured in the May 2014 issue of Prevention Magazine and her short 8 minute video is still available right here.   She is living proof of what “taking charge of your health” can do for graceful aging.


The information above is for general information purposes only. Please consult with your physician prior to making changes to your exercise regime or lifestyle.  Links are provided  to readily available products used for obtaining and storing biometric and lifestyle  data with the goal of improving awareness of health related variables.  While we check that the links work, we are not responsible for the quality, privacy policies or information content of external websites and we urge users to exercise the usual cautions required when surfing the web.  Any reliance you place on information or links above is therefore strictly at your own risk. 

Take Charge of Your Health!